Daniel Sahuleka Top 10 on I Tunes  March 2008 

 Daniel Sahuleka 1 Don't sleep away ythe night

 Daniel Sahuleka 2 Jangan kau menangis

 Daniel Sahuleka 3 You make my world so colourful

 Daniel Sahuleka 4 Rain in Jakarta ( Live in Jakarta )

 Daniel Sahuleka 5 Dibawah sinar bulan purnama

 Daniel Sahuleka 6 I adore you

 Daniel Sahuleka 7 Imagine

 Daniel Sahuleka 8 Home again

 Daniel Sahuleka 9 Hera and Ursa ( Live in Jakarta )

 Daniel Sahuleka10 Semarang


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    FAQ   Frequent asked questions

    Q. Why does Daniel not perform so much?

    A. You know that Daniel is a composer and spends most of his time composing and creating.

        He has recorded for his fans a DVD so you can watch him singing and playing

        his social and love songs. Watch some of these  live dvd impressions

        on Youtube.http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=WBsIllw_mnk 

    Q. If I send a message I do not get an answer from Daniel but from his

        management, Why?

    A. Daniel likes to answer all these nice emails or letters, but is most of the time

        involved with his music. He is very sorry for that.

    Q. Is there a fanclub?

    A. No there is no fanclub.

    Q. Does Daniel do besides his concerts also social projects or charity?

    A. A Few times a year he is doing some social projects f.e. for the World Food

       Programme and for The World Broadcasting Service ( Radio Nederland Wereldomroep).

        For The Dark & Light Blindcare Foundation click www.laathenzien.nl

        And  sometimes Daniel is performing for blind and deaf child'ren.

        and teaching poor street musicians for mental support.

        Daniel is supporting the 100 villages program for the Moluccas and help banning poverty.

     Q. When can I book Daniel for a performing?

     A. If you have a serious request and you want to invite Daniel to perform solo acoustic

         in your Theatre, you can address to this management info@sahuleka.com.

         But transparancy is highly appreciated!



       Some reviews of concerts:

        Audiences don't sleep away Daniel Sahuleka show

        don't sleep away the nightلا ينامون الليل بعيد  

          Features - May 12, 2007 Jakarta Post

Nauval Yazid, Contributor, Jakarta Post

Looking at the man onstage sporting a black tank-top and a pair of washed denims revealing his bare feet, one needs a constant reminder that this musician will turn 57 this year.

But for Indonesian-born Dutch singer Daniel Sahuleka, the passage of years has left no mark on him, except a deeper and more soulful voice.

Apparently, his vocal cords are the key to the longevity of his gigs -- otherwise, he might not have gone beyond his two timeless hits: 1977's You Make My World So Colorful and 1978's Don't Sleep Away the Night.

Yes, as much as we might hate admitting it, Sahuleka has been silently acknowledged as a two-hit wonder. The subsequent silence has largely been filled by a kind of unanimous pride at seeing someone with Indonesian heritage making a name overseas. Whether this achievement was made in the past or present does not seem important.

What matters most for Sahuleka's fervent fans is his inimitable presence as seen in his trademark long curly hair -- something to cherish while it lasts.

And if anything, his brief gigs on May 5 and May 7 at the Erasmus Huis in South Jakarta showed that Sahuleka chose the right way to be a stage star -- by simply letting his vocal skills do the talking.

No doubt that most of the audience in the hall had no idea of Sahuleka's other works aside from the aforementioned two.

The musician also did not bother to reveal much about his other repertoire, ranging from the lesser known to the unknown -- perhaps because he knew that his fans had come for the sake of seeing him reclaim the youth of his 30s, when the two songs became hits throughout Europe and Asia. Back then, Sahuleka still wore his hair in an undistinguished short cut a la Eddy Silitonga, an Indonesian crooner of the 1970s.

Sahuleka seemed content to play for himself, letting out his emotions freely without being afraid of not getting any applause. Of course, he need not have worried about this, since the audience of mostly 30- to 40-somethings were almost sure to be polite and appreciative, albeit somewhat predictably.

Light applause followed the opening song, If I Didn't, taken from his latest album, released in 2006. Without any other musical accompaniment other than his guitar, Sahuleka was able to bring out the natural, upbeat tone of the song to lift the mood in the hall.

Other songs followed, and while these would be interesting to listen to as recordings they felt like fillers until the singer reached another emotional pinnacle: Must You Go Away. It would have been another passable song had Sahuleka not revealed that the song reflected "how I felt when my mother passed away".

Some audiences went "ooh", while others seemed to go numb. But the awkwardness was evident when Sahuleka, obviously trying to hold up, asked if anyone had ever felt the same loss as he had.

It was, indeed, a weird conversation starter. But it was more than obvious that Sahuleka was no great talker on stage by any means. This was partly due to his juggling English and Bahasa Indonesia, and partly because he did not bother with small talk. Or maybe both.

And when some of the audience began requesting Don't Sleep Away the Night, he "confronted" them in Indonesian: "I'm so tired of being asked to sing that song everywhere! And I certainly don't want to put you to sleep away!"

Hilarious laughter followed, and his fans were willing to wait just a little longer until he finally started belting out You Make My World So Colorful. The infectious melody and spot-on lyrics prompted the audience to clap during the chorus and sing every word of it while swaying slightly.

It suddenly felt like one was on the nostalgic TV show Tembang Kenangan (Melody memory), rather than at an acoustic guitar concert.

This jovial, old-fashioned style of watching a concert continued with the long-waited Don't Sleep Away, played in a finale in which Sahuleka was willingly relegated as a mere guitar accompanist to the singing audience. The result was exactly like state station TVRI's music shows in the 1980s, with standing ovation and no one yelling "Encore".

Yet, as the song lingered in the mind long after the last notes had faded, it was hard not to appreciate what Daniel Sahuleka and his contemporaries had given us: pure music that seemed to come from the heart.

Their music was created without any electronic arrangements, and it is a music we listened when our attention wasn't divided by beeping sms's and other electronic messages.

While the less than 90-minute gig was hardly outstanding when compared to today's glamorized shows, for one rare night Sahuleka brought back the good old times of good old music with his deep vocals, and nothing else seemed to matter.


           MEDIA INDONESIA        Selasa, 08 Mei 2007 10:01 WIB

Daniel Sahuleka Puaskan Kerinduan Penggemarnya

JAKARTA--MIOL: Penampilan Daniel Sahuleka, 57, dalam konser di Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, Senin (7/5) malam, memuaskan kerinduan para penggemarnya yang tak hanya datang dari Jakarta, tapi juga dari berbagai kota di Tanah Air.
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            DVD NEWS


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Daniel Sahuleka Presents Latest Album If I Didn't

After an enthusiastic response at his concert during Java Jazz Festival 2006, Indonesian-born singer Daniel Sahuleka presents his latest album If I Didn�t in Indonesia and Singapore.  The album is a special presentation of his megahit songs including Don�t Sleep Away The Night, You Make My World So Colorful to more recent songs The Sunflight, If I Didn�t, Must You Go Away, I Adore You and Indonesian songs Tiada Lagi Cinta, Anak Kecil.  The album is sure to attract the fans� attention, with the album available in Collector�s Edition of CD and DVD bonus featuring his entire live acoustic concert held recently in the Netherlands.  The concert DVD of 16 songs offers something for everyone while today�s generation will surely enjoy the CD album.


Born December 6, 1950 in Semarang, Indonesia, Daniel Sahuleka and his parents moved to the Netherlands after his birth.  Daniels father, an Ambonese, was born in Saparua but raised while his mother Juarsi Mohanab, a Sundanese-Chinese,  was born in Pontianak.



      DVD ' If I DIdn't 'enters the Indonesian International Top 3  Order at:  info@sahuleka.com  


He is one of the Indonesian proud in International Level,. Daniel Sahuleka brought us a trully colourful music experience including �You make world so colourful�, �Don�t Sleep Away the Night� till his newest single "if I Didn�t".
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As a young child, Daniel started playing guitar and his love of guitar remained with him well into his teenage years.  After discovering his potential for composing, he offered several of his songs to a music company, beginning with his first contract at Polydor Records in 1975.  His first album Sahuleka �1 was released in 1977 in Europe, with his hit single You Make My World So Colourful becoming a major success. 


His second album Sahuleka �2 followed in 1978 and Daniel became known in Indonesia two years later.  Music lovers in Indonesia grew to love the songs You Make My World So Colourful and Don�t Sleep Away the Night, with the latter song becoming a number one hit in Asia. 


Although Daniel is a Dutch citizen, he never forgot his homeland, Indonesia and fans continue to adore and admire him throughout the archipelago.  In an age when most musicians retire, Daniel shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to spread the message of love, peace and harmony through his songs, particularly his album If I Didn�t. 


Daniel continues to receive invitations to sing at concerts for his fans in Indonesia, radio and television appearances in Europe.  Shortly after his concert performance at Java Jazz 2006, the mayor of Jakarta Sutiyoso awarded Daniel with the honor of Tourism Ambassador of Jakarta and he became Citizen of Honour of Jakarta during his second performance at JJF 2006.  


Talented artist and citizen of the world, Daniel Sahuleka is ready to surprise his fans again with his latest album If I Didn�t in an already successful music career that spans over 25 years. With the release of this new album, the year 2007 is going to be another big year for Daniel. 







Pria Ambon Populer di Mancanegara


PENYANYI sekaligus musisi jazz berdarah Ambon, Daniel Sahuleka tak hanya dikenal di Indonesia. Namanya makin popular di dunia internasional setelah ia meniti karirnya di negeri Kincir Angin, Belanda. Maka tak heran jika selama dua dekade ini, ia telah menjadi ikon musisi terbaik, simbol kebangkitan musik berwarna damai dan harmoni di Asia dan Eropa. Bahkan sejak lagu You Make My World So Colorful menjadi lagu kegemaran masyarakat di kedua kontinen itu di akhir era 1970-an.

Meski demikian, pria kelahiran Semarang ini tetap tampil sebagai sebagai penyanyi yang sederhana dan sangat ramah, jauh dari kesan sebagai orang terkenal. Bahkan Daniel sendiri tak bisa melupakan tanah kelahirannya dan ini tercermin dari lagu-lagunya yang berbahasa Indonesia, seperti Semarang dan Jakarta kerap dibawakan saat ia manggung.

Sebagai musisi dengan idealisme tinggi, Daniel yang beristrikan warga kulit putih Alice Sahuleka, senantiasa menyisipkan pesan-pesan moral dan filosofi hidup yang perlu dimiliki setiap orang. Itu tergambar dari hampir semua lirik karyanya. Lagu What's All About dan Anak Kecil adalah diantara lagu-lagu bernuansa filsafat kehidupan dengan penekanan pada kedamaian dan kepedulian sesama manusia.

Tak hanya itu, perhatiannya kepada kehidupan sosial masyarakat pun sangat tinggi. Salah satunya dalam bentuk dukungan donasi pembiayaan operasi mata bagi penderita katarak di tanah air melalui program Dark & Light Blind Care.

Kepedulian lainnya adalah perkembangan terhadap pelestarian lingkungan hidup, khususnya hutan dan penghuni hutan. Kegusarannya terlihat jelas saat dia mengungkapkan keprihatinan atas penebangan liar, perambahan hutan terus-menerus oleh perusahaan kayu maupun masyarakat luas.

Bicara soal album, pertama kali ia merilis debut albumnya bertajuk Sahuleka-1 pada tahun 1977 di Eropa dengan single andalannya berjudul You Make My World So Colorful. Album keduanya, Sahuleka-2 yang dirilis pada tahun 1978 dengan single berjudul Don't Sleep Away the Night. Dan pada tahun 2007, Daniel merilis album If I Didn't termasuk di Indonesia dengan bonus DVD saat ia live concert.(06)



Jakarta News

Sahuleka at Jakarta �s 479th anniversary   

Facilitated by Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival organizer with the support of KLM and PD Pasar Jaya, singer-musician Daniel Sahuleka became the guest star at the recent Jakarta�s 479th anniversary reception hosted by Governor Sutiyoso.

The under-the-sky event held at Monas Monument park - attended by government leadership officials, foreign ambassadors and hundreds of Jakarta VIPs - featured live cultural performances and highlights of the capital city development presented audio-visually on giant screens installed in the park. Colorful fireworks, laser and dancing water fountain attractions added to the night hype, but Sahuleka�s show at the end of the program was undoubtedly the climax.

While playing his acoustic guitar, Sahuleka started by singing �My Jakarta�, wishing the Jakarta audience a happy birthday, and continued with one of his most popular songs here, �You make my world so colorful�. He then handed his newly released DVD, �If I didn�t . . . � to the governor. Governor Sutiyoso in turn asked Sahuleka to sing his other widely known song, �Don�t sleep away this night�, together with the governor , who happens to be a long time fan.

That night, Sahuleka was also named �Jakarta Tourism Ambassador�. �The assignment (as Jakarta Tourism Ambassador) means a lot to me, and I am very honored. I will promote Jakarta to Europeans, especially in the Netherlands. I hope we can have more music and cultural exchange between the two worlds,� Sahuleka said as quoted by Antara News Agency.

As part of his visit, Sahuleka also performed with Indonesian musicians at the charity concert, �Jazz for Yogya� at Taman Mini Indonesia, and the KLM�s Appreciation Night for its travel agent partners held at Hilton Executive Club. Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and Mercure Convention Center participated in sponsoring the artist stay in the city.

Daniel Sahuleka, who was born in Indonesia and has been living in the Netherlands for a long time now, is celebrating his 30th music career this year with new CDs and books to be released soon. Sahuleka was one of the international artists performing at the 2nd Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival in March 2006.                     

For more info on Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2007, visit www.javajazzfestival.com/2007











CONTACT    info@sahuleka.com

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Concert reactions                                              

full house there.. kindda dissapointed missed few early songs, but managed to slipp in stood in front of the sound man, got the best view of daniel. PIPIKU MERINDING..... cuz i cant stopped my lips smiling during his performance. the crowds went hysteriA! when he sang his hits : you make my world so colorful & finalle : don't sleep away this night.... after the last note hits, all the crowds automatically gave him standing ovation. and the afterglow continues while exiting the room, my self & people around me humming his songs.... and my PIPI still MERINDING...


                                                                           An Ambonesian singer, Semarang-born Dutchman.His evergreen songs : you make my world so colorful & don't sleep away this night. I'm really blessed to be able to see his delightful performances on the 2nd international java jazz festival 2006, as one of the wonderful-talented performers among the 2000 others that participate at the Jakarta convention centre.

Daniel Sahuleka performance stole my attention, and i bet stole others to, as his fingers danced played the wonderful chords and his unique voice stunned me a lot. Flows me to seventh heaven, and made my world colorful!!!!


Ciao !

That�s great ! What a great unplugged performance, Daniel�s magic in the spot !

Really cool !

Looking fwd to talk with you, Federico



Membaca surat balasan kamu, membuat saya
meneteskan air
mata...ternyata kamu masih ingat dengan tanah
airmu...Terima kasih Daniel...ternyata kamu masih
mencintai Indonesia....surat balasan kamu saya beri tahu
kepada teman-teman dekatku supaya mereka dapat tahu bahwa
kamu masih cinta dan sayang dengan indonesia...walau
Negeri kita tercinta ini di landa oleh berbagai

Dwinanto Hary Purnomo



Ik had Daniel niet meer zien spelen sinds de release van 'Sunbeam' en  ik was weer
erg onder de indruk van zijn aparte gitaarspel dat hij zo mooi tussen  z'n zang
door weet te vlechten.
Dat hij na al die jaren nog steeds zo gaaf zingt had ik niet verwacht. Ik zeg niet veel als ik zeg dat Daniel toch wel ��n van de meest  onderschatte Nederlandse artiesten is.
Maar wat nu een artiest maakt, vraag ik me soms nog steeds af.

George Cramer 

DVD  reactions

Wie ben ik nou helemaal, maar geloof me, de DVD is    wonderschoon. Mooi camarawerk, geweldig geluid.  Het is alsof Daniel een concert in je eigen huiskamer geeft. Helemaal geweldig. Ovation en Ibanez mogen zich gelukkig prijzen over de wijze waarop deze meestergitarist zijn gitaren,zijn spel met zijn stem verenigt. Een streling voor ogen en oren. Alle singer/songwriters ter wereld verbaast u over subliem vakmanschap van Daniel Sahuleka.
Ga niet naar je platenboer, maar bestel de DVD bij Sunflight, dan kan de man zelf aan den lijve ondervinden hoezeer we zijn werk waarderen!                                                          
Paul  Noija      8-6-06



I am a fan of Daniel Sahuleka.

Since teenager I've been listening to the most popular his songs like "Don't sleep away this night" and "You make my world so colorful". First time I heard his voice, I fall in love with his music, his voice... It�s so blended!Listening Daniel singing a song like he talk to me personally, very private and personal.I am looking for his CDs in Jakarta but always disappointed.There is no CD I find except the last one (I think), it's compilation of his songs.Could you inform me where is Daniel' Cds sold in Indonesia/Jakarta?

Thank you for your such kind help and information.

Best regards,

Titi Atmojo


 Dag Daniel,

 Ik wil je van harte gelukwensen met het winnen van je onderscheiding. Een prachtige bekroning van alles wat je op muziekaal gebied gedaan hebt tot nu toe en ook voor het bekend maken van de Indonesichsche en Molukse muziek en cultuur in Nederland en daarbuiten!

Jos� Peters


Dear Sir,

I would like to purchase above subjected DVD, as well as several CDs.
please kindly advice the instruction for purchasing them via internet ( since I am living overseas)

look forward to hearing from you,

thank you.

Toshiko Takado


Beste Daniel,

Gewoon even een reactie op je dvd.Maar een woord "geweldig"..echt top.Voor mij muziek wat me werkelijk tot op het bot raakt,en dat gebeurd niet vaak.

Niets voor mij ook om fanmail te schrijven,maar nu moest ik wel.Bedankt voor  voor de prachtige muziek..De beste dvd in mijn colectie, zo ook vind mijn dochter van 9 jaar.Heeft dus ook verstand van goede muziek.

Groetjes Rob van de Linden


Beste Sunflight

Graag zou ik bij deze de DVD van Daniel Sahuleka willen bestellen. Als het tot de mogelijkheden behoort zou ik hem graag gesigneerd willen hebben. Ik ben een groot fan van Daniel en heb hem een aantal maal zien spelen.De laatste keer in het Pim Jakobs Theater in Maarssen.

Daniel maakt voor mij deel uit van de topgitaristen van Nederland en ik wens hem nog heel veel succes toe!

Met vriendelijke groet,

W. M. Beekhuis


Hey Daniel,

I would like to order 01 DVD (EXPERIENCE THE MUSIC) for my collection and was wondering how to buy it. Please kindly advise how to order it

By the way, just like your song said..."Hey, It's good to see you back again", I'm really glad that you're back to see your fans in Jakarta on March'06.Just for the record, I already bought a ticket in Java Jazz Festival just to see your performance on the 5'th of March'06.If it's not caused you a trouble, we'd like to meet you at the airport since me and my wife (both of us are  your biggest fans) are working at the airport, so kindly advise your flight schedule.

We'll be waiting at the arrival gate and that would be a great honour for us to meet you there.

Last but not least, Happy 30 year anniversary of your carrier and may "Tete Manis" bless you and family.

Regards from Jakarta.

Glen Lisapaly


"Hij is de boodschapper van de "ongeziene" naar de "geziene "wereld.

Udi en Mietji  


Goedemorgen lezer "dezes",

Luister altijd naar radio2 en tot mijn GROTE verrassing en blijdschap hoor ik daar een interview met Daniel Sahuleka. In de loop van het programma valt de naam van de website. Ik had op de pc de radiozender aanstaan en tikte meteen de site in op internet. Wat een geluk dat die naam viel!. Prachtige liederen hoor. Heb meteen de site bij mijn favorieten gezet want ik bewonder deze pure man al vanaf het begin van zijn "loopbaan".  Eenvoud blijft het kenmerk van het ware!



Geertje van Arum